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Super BEro vs. Boobpire

#2: Super BEro vs. Boobpire

Super BEro vs. Boobpire
Written by:  Bob Saget
Illustrated by:  J.J. McQuade
Colored by:  J.J. McQuade
Characters:  Boobpire , Super BEro
Release date:  April 24, 2019


Age Rating



April has now tasted Terri’s unreal feminine energy and will do anything to get more, however, Terri is putting up far more of a fight than April ever anticipated. April decides it’s time to use one of her many vampire tricks on April. Will Terri be able to break April’s mind tricks, or will she join the horny hordes of Boobpire?

Official Publisher's Review

Super BEro vs. Boobpire is a classic clash of the titans type of story.

The two are at the same level of competence with their abilities. Terri has her breast expansion power where the bigger her breasts get the more powerful she becomes. The cost is that she becomes more and more aroused to a point were she can be paralyzed by her own libido.

April on the other hand has vampire powers with a boob twist. April drains woman’s life force into herself to increase her power and bust size. Although April does partake in men every now and again for the sex. Any victims sucked dry will become a sex crazed zombies that April has at her disposal.  Both combatants have supernatural breast powers that will lead to explosive huge breast packed action!

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  • kong

    I like to see MILFs become zombie and as they eat more cum they grow bigger and mini giantess.