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Stranger Growth

#1: Stranger Growth

Stranger Growth
Written by:  Malenkaya
Illustrated by:  Hartwell White
Release date:  March 18, 2020

College activists Matias and Sam have finally tracked down the latest iteration of the nefarious god particle experiments. Previous experiments have reshaped the world in sexy and chaotic ways, but Matias and Sam are determined to make sure that it doesn’t happen again. But when they discover the god particle is already housed in the mind of a young human, they’re in for some trouble as his avid imagination goes wild. Sam and Matias must not only escape from the facilities’ security but their own lustful desires unleashed.

Official Publisher's Review

“Stranger Growth” is the first chapter of an ongoing series that features reality-warping powers, and the temptation of the ability to literally shape the world to your whim, a spiritual continuation of the “Collider” series. This first chapter features bimbofication, height growth, breast expansion, penis expansion, muscle growth, and draining.



  • kong

    If she was a Milf this will be a perfect work!

  • Jumper

    I a huge fan of action/growth comics and this one is the best to date! The action was enjoyable and the growth sequences were great! Just wanted to see the woman in the red suit stretch and grow more, but other than that great work. Looking forward to sequel.

  • Clonecamando

    Another bimbo flick, I can’t lie, It just seems oversaturated how many I’m seeing of late. When I fully well know that there are giantess and expansion orientated stories here on this site in need of new parts.

    • Bacchus

      I don’t know if I’d qualify this one as a “bimbo-flick,” but it’s a fair point that there are some good stories in need of sequels! What did you have in mind?