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Spells R Us: Cherie on Top

#4: Spells R Us: Cherie on Top

Spells R Us: Cherie on Top
Written by:  xCuervos
Illustrated by:  Peter Logan
Colored by:  Eros Studio
Release date:  October 2, 2019


Age Rating



With her sex-crazed desires quenched, Cherie once again becomes the voice of reason. She takes a shower to clear her head and decide what to do about Ryan. Determined to get her gigantic breasts back down to a more manageable size, she dons a disguise and plans to return to the mysterious Spells R Us. Meanwhile, Ryan finds that Cherie brought a little something home from work with her…

Official Publisher's Review

An issue full of cheesecake kink shots follows up the sex-filled third issue of Spells R Us: Cherie on Top! This chapter explores some of the difficulties of getting around the house with a pair of beachball-sized breasts, and one of our protagonists has second thoughts after a heated conversation. The story takes a sudden dark turn in a familiar location. Is the Shopkeeper really the one corrupting our heroes, or is it just their hormones?



  • matt26

    Good giant breast stuff. Wish there was more fitting into tight places and clothes, and focus on Cherie being too big

  • hoomhoom

    No actual expansion in this one so save your dough if that’s what you’re after. It was still good, but the next one will be a little more exciting.

  • shimmer

    Can’t wait to see the next one.

  • kong

    I hope to see some huge mini giantess Milfs!