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Spells R Us: Atomic Mobile

#5: Spells R Us: Atomic Mobile

Spells R Us: Atomic Mobile
Written by:  xCuervos
Illustrated by:  Peter Logan
Colored by:  Eros Studio
Release date:  May 17, 2019

All these massively curvy girls deserve some time off to enjoy their new bodies, right? They get just that in this sex-fueled issue of Atomic Mobile! Guy on girl and girl on girl couples deliver some hot, BIG action! Victoria gets a taste of power and a little bit of revenge against the conniving Corporate duo, but she soon finds out that there might be even bigger things on the horizon!

Official Publisher's Review

In this sex-filled fifth issue of Atomic Mobile, xCuervos fulfills a few fantasies between coworkers. Burke and Kathryn go at it like wild animals, while Sheron manages to talk the shy Alice out of that cute red number she looked so good in. Victoria herself hasn’t seen a whole lot of action because she’s had BIGGER things on her mind. When examining the application and trying to find a way back to normal, she’s interrupted by a phone call from an old flame. Finally, despite things “blowing up” in their faces, we haven’t seen the last of the team from Corporate.