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Snowed In

#5: Snowed In

Snowed In
Written by:  xCuervos
Edited by:  J.J. McQuade
Release date:  July 10, 2020

Filled with Ioi’s power, Chenoa has accidentally filled Brandi and Mandi beyond any reasonable concept of size! Overcome by desire, our cast of college co-eds give in to their basic needs. The presence of a fertility goddess fuels an orgy of monumental proportions, and Chenoa herself feels their every move. Finally realizing what Bluejay has been guiding her toward, Chenoa accepts her new responsibility as a goddess and starts a new journey.

Official Publisher's Review

Snowed In started out as an homage to slasher-style horror movies of the 80’s, and held true to its roots for most of the journey. Everything changed in Issue #4, however, when the power of Ioi was awoken inside Chenoa. Now wielding incredible power, Chenoa realizes her purpose and we all discover the best way to worship a fertility goddess. The monstrous Boq appears to have been misunderstood, and Bluejay has taken on the role of a teacher rather than a trickster. xCuervos delivers a fitting end to the story of Chenoa and her friends, after delivering this final issue full of sex and growth!



  • GoodNotGreat

    Easily one of my top 5 favoirte comics by this site. Ass expansion is so rare it is definatly an untapped (pun intended) market.