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Pics or GTFO

#2: Pics or GTFO

Pics or GTFO
Written by:  William Pratt
Illustrated by:  C-ass , Hartwell White , MICHI
Release date:  February 3, 2021


Age Rating



In the last issue, Flatty Patty was called out on her outlandish claims of having huge boobs with the classic “Pics or GTFO” demand. Fortunately, she knows people, and her roomie Deb’s boyfriend’s friend Annie has performed a Hollywood miracle with makeup and latex. Not content with just a staged photoshoot, Patty, Deb, and Annie have gone out on the town to get pictures in more natural settings. And then things get big… and a bit weird.

Official Publisher's Review

After a long break, Pics or GTFO comes back to the BotComics shelves. Sadly, after the first issue was published, the original artists couldn’t continue the rest of the series and we had to pause its production at the time. Now, with the help of Hartwell White, the artist behind BE Games and Growth Competition, and William Pratt (the original author) we bring it back to life once more. And hopefully for good this time!

William Pratt brings the reader back to the realistic world of Pics or GTFO, a story pulled from the archives of practically every online forum, ever. Exiled from her home for lying about the size of her breasts, Patty struck back with pictures of her impressive boobs. Sadly they are fake boobs, but nobody needs to know that paltry little detail other than Patty, Deb, and Annie, the makeup genius who made them.

And, as far as everyone else is concerned, the babe in the red dress has some serious boobs. She knows it, she flaunts it, she takes pictures of it. She posts the pictures online so the whole world can glory in her beauty. And the gang back at The Swelling Chest welcomes the busty Patty Peaks back into their bosom. Pics have been provided (and what pics!) so no need for Patty to GTFO. She’s safe, for now. But then, during her celebration, something big happens. Something wonderful.

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  • kong

    Looks good but I hope to see some mini giantess futa Milfs in the series and they dominate guys ;)