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Peak Shift: Biggest Woman on Campus

#2: Peak Shift: Biggest Woman on Campus

Peak Shift: Biggest Woman on Campus
Written by:  Malenkaya
Illustrated by:  Celestin
Release date:  March 24, 2021


Breast Expansion
Age Rating



All Lana wanted to do was get enough funding so she could fill the world with sexy giantesses, was that so much to ask? Now thanks to her younger sister, she has to keep two horny and swelling giantesses inline, without going crazy from the thrill of growing bigger herself! No easy task, given the co-ed’s insatiable libidos. To make matters worse, Jayne struggles to find the growth serum supply before it falls into the wrong hands–or more precisely the entire school’s hands!

And while all this is going on, Ms. Ives and Matt struggle to secure the growth serum mother-load from the hungry giantesses, with Ms. Ives battling her own temptation.

Official Publisher's Review

This comic picks up right where the last issue left off (grab it now if you haven’t already!). The three giantesses have size competitions that threaten the entire campus with their breasts and asses coming dangerously close to crushing everything in their wake. This inevitably devolves into a full-blown, giantess sex-fest that is not to be missed! We’re also treated to a growing sex scene with Jayne where she goes from mini-giantess to full-blown giantess, only to realize she’s still no match for her big (BIG) sister. All the while the trouble with Ms. Ives reaches a boiling point that is sure to lead to sexy fun for everyone involved!



  • kong

    Really nice and awesome work, I like women body in this comic, Ms. Ives is great giantess Milf, can’t wait to see more of this world, I wish to see world of thick mini giantesses and giantess Milfs ;)