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Mrs. Harper

#4: Mrs. Harper

Mrs. Harper
Written by:  Shoshanna P.
Illustrated by:  J.J. McQuade
Release date:  November 29, 2019

After testing the formula with the girls at the book club, Mrs. Harper and David go back right into their homemade lab to keep improving the formula. Growing and of course, fucking with every new sample. But everything goes sour when Mrs. Harper and Mike show up, demanding answers. Things escalate quickly when Mrs. Turner finds some formula samples and tries them without everyone noticing. Now, a battle of titans is about to take place in Mrs. Harper’s room. Will Pam manage to perfect the formula before it’s too late? Can David and Mike forgive each other for having a growing affair with each other’s moms? And, who will be the biggest milf at the end of the day?

Official Publisher's Review

Shoshanna P. continues to deliver one of the best Giantess stories this site have ever seen. Mrs. Harper and David are so focused on making the growth formula effects permanent that they forgot about their own relatives. Mrs. Turner and Mike come into the room to find out David and Mrs. Harper in between one of their lustful sexual sessions. But when Mrs. Turner puts her hands onto one of the growth formula samples, everything grows out control.

This story doesn’t come up short of growth, milfs, lactation, muscle growth, breast expansion, and sex… lots of sex. Be sure to like and comment, and don’t forget to read the previous chapters before diving into this one.

And if you don’t know who Mrs. Turner is, do yourself a favor and read the previous Giantess Milf series:



  • Jumper

    Great work! Now this was the issue I’ve been waiting for! Real fan of the purple headed Milf!

  • davidXgt

    Awesome, the growing Milfs are wonderful always, I hope to see more of the hot growing Moms

  • july

    Excellent, the sex scene between guys and Moms is so good! It will be great if Mrs president grows into a giantess Milf too and help other Milfs get huge too.

  • bbwgts

    Terrific comic, you should keep up this series, giantess milf moms are so good, I like to see more of them, also I agree with that you should make the milfs butt bigger too, however, this is so lovely series.

  • kong

    Really amazing, the best chapter so far, continue, please!
    For having a perfect Milf body, you must make them thick with big boobs and big ass and hip and they should be at least 15ft tall for the minimum size, and the older Milfs must grow bigger than younger Milfs.
    for the next parts show us the world where each house has a hot mini giantess Milf Mom and it’s events and … or after the president’s wife getting huge, she orders to make all Milf’s in the country huge and they sell the formula to the other countries too and soon all the Milfs on the world get huge and everybody loves it and we have scenes of the new world and its daily problems!