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Mrs. Harper

#3: Mrs. Harper

Mrs. Harper
Written by:  Shoshanna P.
Illustrated by:  J.J. McQuade
Edited by:  DeLonge
Release date:  August 23, 2019

Mrs. Harper is not willing to go back to her normal stature again. Last time we saw David and Mrs. Harper, they were trying to find a substitute for the now banned, growth inducing drink: Senistray.

With a new homemade formula, they need new test subjects to try it, and the girls at the book club seem to be the perfect guinea pigs for this experiment. Will Pam and David manage to find their Senistray substitute?

Official Publisher's Review

After a brilliant start, Shoshanna P. delivers another great chapter of Mrs. Harper: Another Giantess Milf Story, which is quickly becoming a Giantess Club classic. In this 3rd episode, Shosh brings to the table new diverse characters, new places, more milfs and more overall growth than ever before. Be sure to leave your comments down below and hit the thumbs up button if you liked this episode.



  • bebe

    Very good, the growing Milfs are hot, waiting for more

  • eve

    Wonderful, I love the growing women, I wish they stay that big and they didn’t back to normal sizes, however great chapter, keep up, please.

  • fitspunk86

    I was not a fan of this chapter. By bringing in multiple characters it lost its uniqueness for me. I prefer Mrs Turner for this reason. Can spend a fortune on this site and the stories lately have not captivated me

  • sonamy

    Brilliant! this series is getting even better than Mrs Turner, waiting for more parts!

  • milfzilla

    Awesome update, I love this series!
    I like how her formula worked on them, she just needs to give some changes to make its effects stable for women, then pours it in the city water and make a city full of hot mini giantess cougars!
    can’t wait for more

  • kong

    Really amazing work!
    I love their growth, David was in heaven, now they can use the formula on all women, but I hope they stay big permanently and never back to their normal sizes ;)