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#4: Kinetica

Hot Deal
Written by:  Kris P. Kreme
Illustrated by:  NCO
Release date:  February 3, 2016


Age Rating



There is no stopping the growth and rapidly building store of kinetica as cars crash, buildings collapse, and cities are crushed beneath the woman chosen as battery by an alien prospector from another dimension. As the pleasure of destruction pushes her only on into even more destruction, all hope is lost and yet she couldn’t feel better. Each tiny bit of crushing power brings on crushing mind blowing orgasms. Her body becomes the landscape, her curves taller than mountains and nothing on earth will stop her, not even the earth itself as she breaks orbit, crushes satellites, the space station, and ultimately the moon itself. How large will she end up, how much destruction could she possibly cause, and is anything in the solar system safe from kinetica? Find out as Kinetica reaches an epic if tragic conclusion and a massive store of kinetica is collected to help serve an alien race beyond the dimensional gateway.

Official Publisher's Review

Kris P. Kreme steps in to bring to a close the epic and imaginative Kinetica series by Lorekeep. Following the original wishes for how Kinetica would conclude, the author takes time to add in small moments of humor and despite the destructive climax brings a little bit of the Kreme styling to an ending like none other. The characters have already been established, the nameless woman in a purple bikini and platform heels making her return as kinetica is now building up to new heights within her, the entire final act of Kinetica being one huge growth sequence like no other, where nothing on earth is safe from her over-stimulated needs of destroying everything in sight. Like an addictive drug, the sensations of reaching new dimensions takes our main character to an ultimate conclusion that will find her on a final destination to a new dimension herself, only to be dehumanized as a battery for an alien race. The message of destruction bringing on growth, containing energy of that destruction in that growth is of course the background to a story that pays little respect to culture and life in this universe, in this solar system, or on this planet. A simple premise and a climactic conclusion from the mind of Lorekeep and told through Kris P. Kreme.