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Jingle Bells Showdown

#1: Jingle Bells Showdown

Jingle Bells Showdown
Written by:  Shoshanna P.
Illustrated by:  J.J. McQuade
Release date:  December 24, 2019

Scarlett is once again alone on Christmas eve, wishing for the good old times to be back when her dear husband was around, her sons still care for her and most importantly when her body used to be perfect. But when a mysterious gift shows up at her door, her night turns much more bizarre than she ever imagined. A mischievous magical entity called Krampus appears and offers Scarlett to grant her most desired wishes, for a small price to pay of course: to help her bring down Santa.

Official Publisher's Review

Here’s the story of an old grumpy lady who is once again alone on Christmas eve, wishing to bring back the good old days when she was a stunning bombshell and was happily married. But on Christmas eve, magic is in the air and Scarlett happens to be the lucky one to get some, only this time this Christmas magic comes from a mischievous entity called Krampus. This fun Christmas tale is jam-packed with breast expansion, giantess milfs, age regression, futanari, lactation and much more!

From BotComics, Inc. we wish you a Merry Christmas!



  • davidXgt

    Happy new year!
    Terrific comic, I love growing Milfs and mature Moms evermore, they should become so big and massive and hot!

  • kong

    Really amazing work!!
    The Milf looks perfect and so hot, her face is so good, the art and story are so lovely!
    I wish to see the continue where she stays huge and sexy and that happens for all the other Milf Moms in the new year, and family members treat Milfs like queens especially sons enjoy their Moms getting bigger and hotter.

    Merry Christmas and happy new year giantessclub, thanks for lovely works ;)

    • content

      Thanks for the kind words, Kong!
      We appreciate the feedback and Merry Christmas to you as well. Stay tuned since this is not the last milf story of the year.