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Giantess Containment Bureau

#2: Giantess Containment Bureau

Giantess Containment Bureau
Written by:  Malenkaya
Illustrated by:  MPHC
Release date:  November 19, 2012


Age Rating



Having yet to find a replacement partner, our protagonist Solomon continues his work for the Giantess Containment Bureau, finding himself in a strange post-apocalyptic mining town, ruled under the heavy thumb of the flamboyant entrepreneur La Monte. The madman has somehow found a way to control, and stem off the feral giantess inducing virus, and of course immediately used it to his advantage — be it a fetish night club for the wealthy, or pack mule like manual labor in his mines. Behind this lies Solomon’s true mission: finding and retrieving a former scientist from the GCB, a task only made more difficult as a series of unfortunate events leaves Solomon on the ropes, quickly turning the tide as he finds himself the hunted rather than the hunter. Now all that stands in between him and completing his mission is the army of enslaved giantesses, all thirsty for his blood, shouldn’t be too hard.

Official Publisher's Review

The scene shifts forward in time to Solomon as he continues to work for the GCB. The characters are equally rich and there is a heavier focus on mini-giantesses in this installment. Ass expansion, breast expansion and leg growth play a pivotal role in the fetish base of the work, although there is a slight degree of muscle growth — but not enough to discourage audience members uninterested in the subject. The focus is spread equally between story and sexualized imagery, and it maintains a quick pace. There are slight hints of steampunk, although the style is not heavy handed, capturing the vibe of a typical weird western, drawing from literature and several films of the genre. As with the previous installment direct sex is not the focus of this story, yet those who are aching for such interactions will not go away entirely disappoint. Comments and criticisms from previous work have been taken into consideration in this next saga from Malenkaya.



  • pillager

    Well done.

    Excellent post apoc/wild west sci fi vibe. Nice atmosphere.

    I very much enjoyed the variety of different sizes. More mini gts, please!

    Also, I’d love to see what Solomon