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Futa & Friends

#2: Futa & Friends

Futa & Friends
Written by:  Bacchus
Illustrated by:  J.J. McQuade
Release date:  January 3, 2020

We left Olivia teased to the extreme, yet deprived of her orgasm. A fact she seeks to rectify immediately. Enter Sofia, the Latina beauty, who brags about deep-throating any cock. Well, Olivia will put that one to the test. Things heat up to explosive levels, only for our to heroines to discover something truly magical about Olivia’s new tool– her cum makes things grow. BIG. But as Olivia’s appetite and appendage also swell, she’ll need more helping hands. Enter Jenny, another friend of Sofia and Olivia’s. Edgy and a little nerdy, who’d have thought, she hungered for such extreme growth? Sofia’s never been one not to brag, so now all of Olivia and Sofia’s friends know of the results– I’m sure that won’t cause trouble down the line!

Official Publisher's Review

Coming from the Ideas forum of BE Story Club, we proudly continue “Futa & Friends” and ongoing series about a woman who finds she’s perfectly capable of satisfying herself… and her friends… and her rivals with her growing appendage. This chapter focuses on Olivia sharing her newfound tool with some friends, leading to a shower threesome with extreme BE and some devious plans for the next chapter. The chapter features (obviously) futanari, height growth, ass growth, and of course breast expansion. If you like, be sure to review as ideas like these are continued only through positive response from our community.

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  • kong

    Nice work but the Milfs should become permanently huge and sexy by her cock ;)