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For Her Pleasure

#4: For Her Pleasure

For Her Pleasure
Written by:  Echo Wing
Illustrated by:  J.J. McQuade
Release date:  July 31, 2013


Age Rating



After volunteering for a study of a new drug meant as the next generation version of Viagra, average guy Neil Jackson finds himself the cause of a growing problem. While the drug works, it does so beyond anyone’s expectations, and every time a woman has sex with Neil (or ingests his semen), they undergo a terrific growth spurt. Soon enough, his girlfriend is taller than he is, and has no problem getting taller, especially given the effects wear off, or with sharing it with her friends. Fortunately, Neil doesn’t mind having a little fun. However, their fun is discovered, and they end up in the custody of the government, though not before they share a great deal of the fun. As the fun ends, however, it sounds like more could come in the future…

Official Publisher's Review

This part continues where the last one left off, and the story expands with more growth and more methods for growth. The characters continue to be believable and the humor remains. The sex is simplistic, but it does move the plot along well enough. The end of the story leaves some room for a future sequel, should the author decide to write one.