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Cruise Controlled: Flipped Over

#2: Cruise Controlled: Flipped Over

Cruise Controlled: Flipped Over
Written by:  Shoshanna P.
Illustrated by:  J.J. McQuade
Edited by:  DeLonge
Release date:  January 29, 2020


Age Rating



Alex got more than he bargained for. After a wild night of booze, magic, sex, and transformations he/she (?) wakes up to a new body, realizing that it wasn’t some kinky weird dream. Desperate for answers and her old body back, she goes out to confront the mysterious magician milf, Madame Grey. Meanwhile, Sabrina tries to calm her new transformed friend without any success. Will Alex come back to her normal self before it’s too late?

Official Publisher's Review

The last episode of this great sequel is here. Follow the story of Alex and Sabrina traveling across the seas in a magical sex cruise. After a wild night of sex and “magic”, Alex gets transformed into a smoking hot girl. Desperate for answers, she demands the milf magician to transform her back. Will Madame Gray grant Alex’s wishes or is it too late now?

This chapter brings a lot more breast expansion than the previous one, alongside tons of sex and growth. Be sure to like and comment!