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Collider: Heist

#1: Collider: Heist

Collider: Heist
Written by:  Malenkaya
Illustrated by:  Peter Logan
Colored by:  Eros Studio
Release date:  September 18, 2019


Age Rating



Carla and her team of thieves have taken on big jobs before, but none compare to what they find in a secret science lab. Tasked with finding and escaping with the legendary Collider Particle, Carla’s team quickly finds themselves in over their heads. The team is thrown in the middle of crazed science experiments: fifteen foot tall woman, patients with foot long cocks, doctor’s with breasts larger than their bodies.

Soon their wildest fantasies begin to play out, each consumed by their own lust. If they’re not careful they’ll become the labs next test subjects!

Official Publisher's Review

A spiritual successor to the fantastic Collider series. Instead of focusing on the scientists, we now get a dose of corporate espionage. This chapter includes breast expansion, height growth, a threesome, and lots of comparison shots. Growing boobs aren’t great for escaping a heist though!

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  • kong

    The woman at the end scene can be perfect giantess too ;)

  • Jlmeno91

    Would love to see the dark haired one grow out of clothes and into giantess too.

    • Malenkaya

      Do you think a competition is in order or would you rather see them team up against the lady at the end? I agree that our dark-haired heroine needs to join in the growing fun!

  • Clonecamando

    Now this is excellent, a very promising start for the series. I can only hope that like its predecessors it plays around more with the main characters becoming mega gigantic curvy bombshells, perhaps even more so.

    Also just wanna give additional kudos for that cover image, rarely comment on those but this one is super neat.

    • Malenkaya

      Wowzer yes, that cover was amazing! Now when you say mega, are you talking building sized?

  • kong

    Nice work but I hope to see giantess Milfs in next chapters!