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Breast Expansion Online: #BigMama99

#3: Breast Expansion Online: #BigMama99

Breast Expansion Online: #BigMama99
Written by:  Shoshanna P.
Illustrated by:  Peter Logan
Colored by:  Eros Studio
Release date:  January 29, 2021

Back in the virtual MMORPG, Breast Expasion Online, our curvy protagonist is about to punish her despicable boss, Morgan, for all the years of bullying and suffering she had to endure at the office. #BigMama99 takes things to another level with the help of two friendly orcs, packed with the biggest meats on the whole server, making #Comsmic0 (Morgan’s Avatar) watch from the distance. Revenge might be sweet for a short period of time, but after a while #BigMama99 realizes that the glorious game that once brought joy and happiness into her life, was simply not the same without her lover #Cosmic0.

Official Publisher's Review

The final episode of Breast Expansion Online is here! One of the greatest series our beloved author, Shoshanna P. has ever created for us. Even though this is just a 3-chapter series, it has a fabulous mixture of fetishes that you won’t be able to stop fapping at. Giant curvy girls, breast expansion, cock expansion, lactation, cum inflation, slime girls, monster girls, futas, and much more.

This last chapter shows how Quinn/#BigMama99 gets on full revenge mode against her former boss and lover Morgan/#Cosmic0. But after all, we all know that revenge is not the answer and it doesn’t take long for Quinn to figure that out. Cum and read this story full of love, deception, and of course, expansion.

P.S.: This might be the last chapter of #BigMama99 arc, but not the last series of the Breast Expansion Online universe.