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Breast Expansion Online: #BigMama99

#2: Breast Expansion Online: #BigMama99

Breast Expansion Online: #BigMama99
Written by:  Shoshanna P.
Illustrated by:  Peter Logan
Colored by:  Eros Studio
Release date:  May 6, 2020

After Big Mama discovers who is her beloved #C0smic0 in real life, she starts avoiding him inside Breast Expansion Online. On the other hand, #C0smic0 is desperately trying to reach her again, not knowing the mess that’s about to blow out. Now, he will face the wrath of BigMama: #99.

Official Publisher's Review

From the imagination of Shoshanna P. and voted by you on the Ideas Section, we’re proud to launch this new series involving so many sex and transformations, you won’t believe your eyes.

Follow the story of Quinn Thompson, a 31 year-old virgin with no friends and a shitty job. Her silver lining is “Breast Expansion Online”, a virtual MMORPG were people can be anything they want, from ferocious warriors to expanding sex machines. Inside BEO she’s #BigMama99, one of the most desired and feared avatars. But everything goes sour when one day her two realities start to intertwine.

So far Shoshanna P. has been spotless on all her series, from the classic “Mrs. Harper: Another Giantess Milf Story” and most recently “Cruise Controlled: Flipped Over“, she has always delivered a great mixture of amazing plots, good sex, and of course kinky transformations. Be sure to hit the like button and leave your comments down below if you liked this series



  • kong

    The boss looks nice, she can be great giantess in real ;)