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Bimbonic Plague

#2: Bimbonic Plague

Bimbonic Plague
Written by:  William Pratt
Illustrated by:  J.J. McQuade
Release date:  January 8, 2021

Reuben is trapped in a living nightmare, a world devastated by the opening days of the Bimbonic Plague, scavenging what he can from a ruined society to survive while desperately trying to avoid the hordes of bimbos wandering this ravaged earth seeking sex with the diminishing population of the uninfected with his new friend Elizabeth.

But enough about them. What the fuck happened? Last issue we found that the trap set by Doctor Gordon for his bosses was dismantled by a personal assistant, so if it wasn’t the mad doctor, who spread the virus? And how did Reuben, of all people, manage to survive uninfected as the world collapsed around him?

Official Publisher's Review

Because timing is everything, even when it’s not planned, William Pratt’s tale of a global pandemic happened to drop in the middle of a freaking global pandemic. A case of Art imitating Life. But with extra cum-craving Bimbos.

This issue of Bimbonic Plague delves deeper into the origins of how the plague escaped into the wild and shows just how much dumb luck and laziness can keep a man uninfected. If Carlie had knocked on the door during an ad, we might be reading about some guy named John instead.

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