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Bessy’s Acres

#5: Bessy’s Acres

Bessy’s Acres
Written by:  DeLonge
Illustrated by:  Peter Logan
Colored by:  Eros Studio
Release date:  February 26, 2021

It’s the end of the season on Bessy’s Acres, which means the summer fun is coming to a close. With Samantha deciding to stay as a full-time cow-woman, she and Izzy must say their good-byes. But not before one last seductive adventure, quite possibly their most transformative and dangerous one yet. After hearing about the secret milk that Bessy hides, rumored to be the most expansive and altering, they decide to steal some for themselves. They can’t help but imagine how delicious it tastes and how big it will make them! Joining them along the way is Barb, and together the three girls will experience first-hand just how dangerous curiosity can be.

Samantha has changed a lot over the summer, in more ways than one. She’s become more comfortable with her new body and feels at home with the surreal transformations. But will this last change be too much for her? In this series finale, join our beautiful women for one last adventure, and see some of the biggest changes yet. It’s “Bessy’s Acres” going out with a bang!

Official Publisher's Review

In this series finale of “Bessy’s Acres” join our beautiful bovines for one last ride as they try a sampling of restricted transformative milk, not ready for the surprises it holds in store for them. Huge breasts and large curves guaranteed! It may be the end of the summer for the girls, but that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy one more night of surreal changes. Together, Samantha, Izzy, and Barb will push themselves further than ever before, enjoying forbidden pleasures. Come visit Bessy’s Acres one final time and get your fill of breast expansion, large seductive cow-women, sweet breast milk, and euphoric transformations that will always leave you thirsty for more. Cheers!




  • Tek

    This final chapter is a little bitter sweat for me. On the one hand I am happy that we finally have this latest chapter out and got to see how things ended for these characters, on the other this is the end to what has become one of my favorite tales to date on this site.

    My only critique is I would have liked either to see more girls transform or have the transformation take a few more panels by being a bit slower, but that’s probably just me.

    I can only hope this may become one of those rare worlds where at some later time it will be revisited. If nothing else it could be interesting to have a sort of prequel of how this ranch got its start (as that is not covered, we can only assume one of the usual suspects of A) mad science B) alien technology C) magic D) originated from some mythical beast) and how the first cow girls reacted before presumably all of the creature comforts were put in place for them and the herd being there to help transition new girls in.

    Either that or the results of that secretary not labeling things resulting in an untreated batch of milk going out into the world from the ranch to cause havoc.

    I also would have liked to see given chapter 4’s introduction of the bulls, an answer to the questions of
    1) can the cowgirls get pregnant or need to in order to keep giving milk and
    2) would the resulting child be born as a cowgirl?

  • hvgtd

    This was fun, definitely deserves a follow-up. I wonder what the follow-up will be like if/when they get around to it.

  • snakebit1995

    Lovely ending, was nice seeing Sam grow literally and figuratively