Jacolyn Beanstalk

Jack has been living with a cold and rather cruel yet beautiful wife. She’s just sure that she’s above any other woman in the land. Thanks to a fortuante encounter with a mysterious cloaked woman in town. Jack returns home with some magic beans and shows just how his wife can really be. Now her ego isn’t the only massive thing about her, and she goes from cold to steaming hot.

9 thoughts on “Jacolyn Beanstalk

  1. I loved this! I thing the artwork was wonderful, myslef.
    I would REALLY like to see a continuation, where she grows like the beanstalk of old… head beyond the clouds, toes towering over the tiny towns below her; as she gets hornier, & hornier & bigger & bigger & BIGGER! Looks to be done, but… never can tell, eh?

  2. Art is good, scenes were a bit sparse for me, I’d rather there were more interaction or the growth was a bit more drawn out.

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